Cristiano Ronaldo Hints At Future By Talking About Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Running

In a recent documentary about his footballing dominance, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed something that many fans didn’t expect.   He had nothing but praise for his time at Manchester United, at one point even saying this about United legend, Wayne Rooney.

“I miss playing with Rooney. Maybe we will play together again one day.”

Ronaldo’s admission comes at a time when speculation about his future is at an all time high.  However, it seems that the current Real Madrid man wouldn’t mind joining forces with Wayne Rooney again in the near future.

Ronaldo continued his praise for Rooney, even revealing the nickname he had for him during his time in Manchester.

“He was the kid of England, everyone loved him. He was so powerful I was calling him ‘Pitbull.’ The power of Wayne Rooney is his mentality and strength and he never stops.

He’s a fantastic team player and he scores. He’s a fantastic boy and he helped me a lot when he came to join us in Manchester.”

In the documentary, Cristiano also addressed his infamous “wink” during the 2006 World Cup meeting between his Portugal and Wayne Rooney’s England.  In the game, Wayne Rooney was sent off with a red card after the referee seemed to be greatly influenced by Cristiano himself.  Ronaldo even winked at the Portugal bench as if to acknowledge his involvement in Rooney’s sending off.

“I don’t regret what I did because when you play for your country, you defend your colors so… I didn’t do anything bad,” said Ronaldo.

“He understood my point of view, let’s speak about the present, let’s win trophies, let’s play together like we did.

We were still friends. People create big dramas that never exist.”


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