Yankees Survival Guide to Watching the Mets in the World Series

New York Yankee vs Blue Jays

As you may know by now, the Mets are the team representing the city of New York in the World Series. Crazy, I know. If you’re a Yankees fan like myself, you’re probably wondering how to adjust to the idea that the Mets might actually win something. I remember the 2000 subway series where I didn’t even consider the possibility of losing that World Series because they were playing the Mets.

It’s the Yankees’ city and the Mets are the little brother that gets a one up on you for the first time and they don’t let you forget about it. So here’s how Yankees fans should approach the World Series.

1. Continue to ignore the fact that the Mets are a team. Yes, they’re in the World Series and their pitching is really good, but the fact is that the Yankees had their number this year when they played. How can the Mets be considered the champs if they aren’t even the best team in their on city?

2. Remind yourself that the Yankees still have 27 rings and the Mets only have two. Yes, if they win a third this year, they will have won the most recent one. But come on, 27 > 3.

3. Watch the NBA. Basketball tips off tonight. Yea the Knicks suck, but watching the Knicks lose by 50 is better than watching the Mets in the World Series.

4. Banish every Yankees fan that you know who roots for the Mets in the World Series. Even though it would be great for the city if the Mets won, you can’t cheer for a different team, especially a team from your own city. Any Yankees fan that cheers for the Mets in the World Series will be stripped of their fandom. I don’t care if they’re family. They chose to go against everything that it is to be a Yankees fan, and now they should be shunned.

5. The most important way to survive a potential Mets championship is to remember that their run is just a tryout for the Yankees. Regardless of the outcome, Matt Harvey and deGrom will be in those glorious pinstripes winning multiple championships in the Bronx pretty soon.

What do you think?