In Honor Of Steve Harvey’s Slip Up, The 5 Worst Moments In Sports History


As you may have heard by now, Steve Harvey made a pretty big slip up  when hosting Miss Universe. If you haven’t heard, long story short, he announced the wrong winner and probably the most awkward three minutes of television followed.

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m talking about Miss Universe. While it may not be sports, it is a competition.  Furthermore, it got me thinking about the worst blown calls, decisions, and downright stupid moments in sports history. Here are my top five.

5. Jim Joyce blows Armando Galarraga’s prefect game: With one out in the ball game, a routine ground ball is hit and the runner is out by a full step at 1st. Only problem, Jim Joyce called the runner safe. Galarraga somehow laughed it off and got the next batter out. But he was robbed of his perfect game.

4. Chris Webber calls a time out in the NCAA basketball championship game: There were 19 seconds left to decide the national champion in 1993. Michigan is down by two and Chris Webber grabs the rebound off a missed free throw, he proceeds to walk, but there is no traveling call. Webber gets trapped in the corner with just seconds left. So he does the natural thing and calls a timeout. One problem…they’re out of timeouts. A technical is called and Michigan loses.

3. The Fail Mary: I’m a Packers fan and everybody knows what happened. I still haven’t gotten over it. Enough said.

2. 1972 Olympic basketball gold medal game USA v. USSR: You have to watch this video to understand what happened.

1. Super Bowl 49, Patriots v. Seahawks: Second and goal from the one yard line to win the Super Bowl. You got a running back whose nickname is “Beast Mode”. 100% of the World is expecting a run into the end zone to give Seattle back-to-back Super Bowl wins. They decide to pass the ball instead. It gets picked off and the rest is history.

What do you think?