Pete Rose’s Ban Upheld by MLB

pete rose betting scandal homerun

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is going to uphold Pete Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball.  In case you have no clue about Pete Rose, or baseball, Rose was banished from baseball for life, for gambling on games while he was both a player and a manager.  Rose bet on both games his team was involved in, and other games.  However, when he did bet on his own team, he never bet against himself.

That leads me to the conclusion of, who gives a shit? If Rose had bet against his own team my feelings on this subject would be much different, but I cannot get behind banishing a player for life for betting on his own team.  This is not a case of fixing games or shaving points, this is a guy who was so confident that his team would win that he was willing to put his own money on the line.  

Rose is arguably the greatest hitter in the history of Major League Baseball, yet he cannot take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame because the leaders of baseball refuse to swallow their pride.  That is what this comes down to, the leaders of baseball refuse to swallow their pride, admit they  were wrong, and forgive Pete Rose.  

Pete Rose betting on baseball never had an adverse affect on the on-field game.  He is banned FOR LIFE for something that had ZERO affect on a game.  Players from the steroid era, and even players who are caught taking performance enhancing drugs today, break the MLB’s rules in a way that actually does affect the games.  I know this will come as a shock, based on Rose’s lifetime ban, but none of the players who have either tested positive or have been significantly linked to steroid use have been banned for life.

Thats right, players who are actually doing something that gives them a competitive advantage are receiving a much lighter punishment than Pete Rose did for doing something that gave him no competitive advantage.  Rob Manfred’s latest decision highlights the hypocrisy at its finest.  

Baseball needs to get over itself and lift the lifetime ban it placed on Pete Rose.  Rose deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.  However, if I was Rose and the ban was lifted, I would be tempted to tell baseball’s leaders to go screw themselves anyway.  Enough is enough.

What do you think?