Patriots Fan Gets “Super Bowl 50 Champs” Tattoo


Every year some boneheaded NFL fan gets their team logo along with “Super Bowl Champs” tattooed somewhere on their body, and almost every year it backfires. So guess which group of fans we get to laugh at the hardest this year? The Patriots.

This guy got a tattoo of the Patriots logo along with “Super Bowl 50 Champs” on his leg. Yeah, he claims that he doesn’t regret it, and I believe him. His whole body is tatted up and he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t even know how to wear a properly fitted hat. Do I feel bad for him? Absolutely not. Like every other arrogant Patriots fan he goes on to brag about their four rings because no other team has that many…what’s that?

The Steelers have six, the Cowboys and 49ers have five, and the Packers and Giants both have four? Well shit. At least he can get this altered like all the other idiots that get these tattoos do. Nope. He can’t, because he got a giant “50” on it.

What do you think?