Peyton Manning Reportedly Decides On NFL Future


After Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl 50 win, speculation about his retirement has been running rampant. Manning didn’t hint at retirement immediately after the Super Bowl, instead saying he would take some time after his Budweiser-fueled celebration to think about his future. It seems that he’s now made a decision regarding his NFL career.

Woody Paige, of Pardon The Interruption fame, wrote for The Denver Post on Saturday evening that sources were telling him Manning had decided to retire and would announce his decision next week. Paige wrote:

“His Bronc riding days are over; the last rodeo is done.

Peyton Manning is saying goodbye; it’s been lots of fun.

I’m told Manning will acknowledge his decision by the end of this week.

In all probability, Peyton, who will turn 40 on March 24, is leaving the Broncos and retiring from the game he has played competitively for 29 years.

It’s implausible that Manning would opt to sign with another team for one season.”

Paige’s report makes plenty of sense, but the Broncos are denying having knowledge of any such development. A Broncos official told NFL Media’s James Palmer that the report was “news to us”.

If Manning has decided to retire, he is doing so at the perfect time. A Super Bowl win is the perfect way to cap a long and storied career for a guaranteed first ballot Hall of Famer.

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