The New Kentucky Logo Is…Something Else


The University of Kentucky has a long tradition of basketball excellence. As a sports fan, when you hear “UK” or see their block lettering logo, you immediately think of Kentucky basketball (sorry football, you guys kind of suck). So what do you do when your only team promptly falls out of the national title race? Unveil a new alternate logo!………?

As a friend of mine just texted me “Holy f*ck that’s awful.” Promptly followed by another text a second later “Like Jesus Christ.” That pretty much sums it up.

Look, I get that it’s an alternate logo and those are only for special occasions, but nine times out of ten, just defer to a throwback. And if you’re going to draw up a brand spanking new one, probably don’t google stock images of a cartoon wildcat. I mean, that thing looks like something you’d use for a custom shirt because of trademark laws.

What do you think?