Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend Supposedly Caught Cheating Through Instagram Post


Things are absolutely nuts for the Cavaliers right now.  Their last coach was fired, LeBron seems to be going absolutely crazy, and Kevin love has all but disappeared.  But hold on…they’re not done yet.  It’s Kyrie’s turn!

In a brutal revelation, it looks like Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend was just caught red-handed cheating on the Cleveland superstar.  Just take a look at her ex-boyfriend’s post on Instagram!

In case you were wondering, yes, that’s Kyrie’s girlfriend.  You can tell by her unusual hand tattoos.

Any guy will tell you, cheating absolutely sucks.  But hey man, at least you’re not a famous person who got cheated on for the rest of the world to see on the internet.
With that being said though, Kyrie is a professional athlete who everybody knows – he has millions of dollars – isn’t half bad looking, and the dude STILL got cheated on!
Good luck out there fellas.  It’s a cruel world.

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