Raccoon Terrorizes New York Yankees During Spring Training


A raccoon found its way onto the Yankees’ field during spring training. The little rascal climbed into Steinbrenner Field to hangout behind home plate for a few hours as the 27-time World Series Champion New York Yankees prepared for the upcoming season of baseball.

But the grounds crew were not as amused as the fans and decided to capture him. Unfortunately for the ground crew, this raccoon was invincible. In an attempt to catch him, he fell from the top of the netting behind home plate. The little guy just brushed the fall off and evaded every single crew members. Rumor has it, he is still on the loose.

This is great news for us Yankees fans. Look, the Cards had the rally squirrel make a few appearances in the 2011 playoffs on the way to a World Series title. Now we have the rally raccoon.

You’re hearing it here first. The 27-time World Series Champion New York Yankees will be the 28-time World Series Champions by the end of the season! Year of the raccoon!

Cue Sterling!

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