Report: Broncos Reveal What They Think Kaepernick Is Worth


It’s no secret that the Denver Broncos’ quarterback situation is in shambles. After their dominant defense led the way to an impressive Super Bowl win, Denver lost the top two QBs on their depth chart. Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset and retired, while Brock Osweiler was lured away by the Houston Texans, who gave him way too much money.

With free agent quarterback options slim, the Broncos desperately need to make a move to address the gaping hole left under center. It has been repeatedly reported that the Broncos are interested in acquiring Colin Kaepernick from the 49ers.

On Monday, Michael Silver reported an update on the situation that means the deal could be getting closer to happening. According to Silver, Denver has told San Francisco they feel Kaepernick is worth roughly a fourth-round pick.

Silver says “They’d have to find a way to make that work” because the Broncos don’t have a 2016 fourth-round pick. Ian St. Clair, of the Mile High Report writes that there are ways around that barrier:

“One way the Broncos could do that is by offering their third-round pick and San Francisco sending Kaepernick and a fifth-round pick. Thus, that would equal the fourth-round value Denver believes he’s worth.”

As close as it seems the Broncos and Niners may be to a deal, there are still other contenders out there. Remarkably, some reports have claimed Kaepernick is interested in playing for the Cleveland Browns.

No, you didn’t accidentally start reading The Onion again.

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