Steph Curry Turns The Tables On Craig Sager In Post Game Interview


When Craig Sager announced last week that his cancer was no longer in remission, it hit the NBA community hard. The TNT sideline reporter is as well known of a personality as any around the league. It’s usually impossible to miss him in his trademarked outrageously flamboyant suits.

So, as the new face of the NBA, who better to speak on the behalf of the league and its fans than MVP Steph Curry? After Curry and his Warriors held off the Wizards on Tuesday night for yet another win, Sager pulled him aside for a quick interview.

Post-game interviews are usually fairly cookie cutter and dull, but Curry had other plans for this one. When Sager asked him if the pursuit of 73 wins was tiring him out, Steph quickly turned the spotlight back on Sager.

“I mean, seeing you doing what you’re doing? I mean, we got no excuses. So you’re an inspiration for us, so we just keep doing what we’re doing, and you keep fighting,” Curry told Sager.

Like any big time sports star in America, Curry has his fair share of detractors. But love him or hate him, there’s no denying Steph Curry did a pretty cool thing for a pretty cool guy.

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