Curry Accidentally Punches Referee Before Leaving With Injury


Steph Curry made his return on to the Warriors’ lineup on Sunday after missing games 2 and 3 with an ankle injury. Unfortunately for both Curry and Golden State, the return did not go how they would’ve like. While the Warriors cruised to an easy 121-94 win to take a 3-1 series lead over the Rockets, Curry picked up another injury that forced him to miss the entire second half.

At the end of the first half, Curry slipped while playing defense and injured his knee. He tried to come back out to start the second half, but was unable to go and was ruled out for the game with a knee strain.

Before Curry’s knee injury, he made his mark on the game in a very… unique way. After driving to the basket and making an and-1 layup, Curry celebrated by punching (what he thought) was the air. The only problem was, a referee found his face on the end of Curry’s fist.

Steph Curry gets his first bucket, accidentally hits ref in the face during the celebration.

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Curry clearly didn’t intend to hit the referee, and the referee appeared to be fine afterward. I guess that’s why Curry plays basketball and wasn’t fighting at UFC 197 last night.

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