Conor McGregor Tweets He’s Back on UFC 200


UFC fighter Conor McGregor made headlines last week when he Tweeted that he was retiring from MMA at the age of 27.

The story is, McGregor and UFC management got into a spat over Conor making press appearances.  The UFC was adamant that everyone has to to their press obligations.

Conor pointed out that he wanted to focus on training in Iceland following his loss to Nate Diaz.  All of this resulted in the Irishman’s retirement once the two couldn’t reach an agreement.

Well, Conor is bound to make headlines, again.  In the early morning hours of Monday, McGregor tweeted out that he is back on the UFC 200 card.

The UFC has yet to confirm or even respond to Conor’s Tweet, so hold your breath until everything is official.  But still, this is bound to make many MMA fans’ mornings.

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