Curry Gives Update On Game 3 Status


The NBA playoffs are underway, and one of the biggest story lines so far has been the ankle injury Steph Curry picked up in game one of Golden State’s series against the Houston Rockets. An MRI has showed no serious damage, but the injury was enough to keep Curry out of game two of the series. Klay Thompson picked up the slack for the Warriors, dropping 34 points and leading them to a 115-106 win.

With a 2-0 series lead Golden State can afford to not rush Curry back before he’s ready, though they will certainly look to get him back into the lineup as soon as it’s safe. The reigning NBA MVP does have a history of ankle problems, so the last thing the Warriors want is to trigger a cycle of recurring injuries that could sideline him for a significant stretch of time.

Curry’s status for game three of the series on Thursday has been the center of much speculation in the last few days. Curry practiced in full on Thursday, According to coach Steve Kerr. However, after practice he was less than optimistic about his status for game three. According to Monte Poole, a Warriors beat reporter for CSN, Curry said he would likely not be able to play in game three if his condition does not improve:

A lot can change in a day, but as of Wednesday evening it looks like Curry’s status for Game three is doubtful. Golden State fans shouldn’t worry too much, as the team has already shown it can win without its star point guard. However, things could very suddenly become much more intense if the Warriors were to drop game three on Thursday.

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