Fans Pay $1,000 for a Ticket to Watch Kobe’s Last Game


Wednesday night, the most expensive tickets to a regular-season basketball game will be sold.  Even more interesting, there are no playoff implications whatsoever involved.

According to StubHub, fans paid an average of almost $1,000 to see Kobe Bryant take his last steps on the court before he retires.  The ticket broker says this is the highest recorded price for a regular-season game.

So if you’re hoping to catch number 24’s finale game on the cheap, tough luck.  The lowest available ticket will eat over a $700 hole in your wallet.  For nosebleeds.  Think about that.

On the other end, tickets for a courtside view of Bryant will cost you a whopping $27,500.  Yeah, I think I’ll go throw down a good portion of a year’s salary to watch Kobe for an two hours.

Similarly, tickets to Golden States record-chasing finale against the Memphis Grizzlies have shot up to over $400 since the Warriors beat the Spurs on Sunday.  A little more manageable, I guess.

What do you think?