High School Basketball Star Busted for Being 30 Years Old


Jonathan Nicola of Catholic Central High School stands at 6’9″ and 202 pounds. He’s every recruiters dream. There’s only one problem. He’s most likely 30 years old, and not the 17-year-old 11th grader he’s portraying himself to be.

Nicola started Catholic Central 6 months ago, and has been living with the coach ever since. Technically, he’s in violation Immigration Refugee Act.

As the Windsor Star reported, “There’s really not a whole lot to say,” said spokesman Stephen Fields of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. “Because of the fact this is a matter that’s still outstanding before the federal authorities, obviously we can’t really comment on it. Beyond that there’s not a whole lot to say.”

There’s just one question that remains. How the hell did people not suspect this dude might be older than 17? I mean, just look at him!

Here is a video of the 30-year-old in action:

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