Johnny Manziel’s New Tattoo Isn’t The Most Classy Thing Ever


Johnny Manziel’s sad downward spiral continues to get worse and worse. Just days after destroying a rented Hollywood home with a raging cocaine and booze fueled party, Manziel has found himself at the center of attention for something else.

New photos seem to reveal a tattoo on Manziel’s left hand that reads “CDXX” which is Roman numerals for 420. It doesn’t really take a detective to figure out what’s going on here. Johnny Football has a weed tattoo on his hand.

I don’t care if you like to enjoy marijuana from time to time, but I can’t think of a single good reason for anyone to get 420 tattooed anywhere on their body. The fact that it’s a media-attracting NFL player with known substance abuse issues getting it tattooed on a visible area like his hand? One of the most boneheaded things I can think of.

We’re talking about a guy who’s own father doesn’t think he’ll live to age 24 if he doesn’t get to rehab soon. It’s always sad to see someone throw their life away by making poor decisions. It’s even harder to watch when that person is living life in the public eye and has such incredible talent going to waste.

Hopefully Johnny can turn it around before it’s too late.

What do you think?