Kobe’s First Day Of Retirement Shows Why He’s A Legend


Kobe Bryant ended his career like only a legend could on Wednesday night. NBA fans were hoping for a magical final game from Kobe, but no one could have possibly anticipated the 60-point explosion he capped his career with. Even Kobe himself was left in disbelief:

“I am still in shock about it. To be here, for it to happen like this in front of the fans and my teammates and their families, it is still a shock to me,” he said.

But for as unbelievable as Kobe’s last game was, what he did the next morning may take the cake. While most people would have been up all night celebrating and then starting retirement off in a relaxing way the next day, Kobe had very different plans. According to L.A. Daily News reporter Mark Medina, Kobe nixed the idea of an after party:

Kobe said before and after the game that he would be up early on Thursday morning to get to work, and by all accounts he was true to his word. Lakers beat reporter Mike Trudell had the details:

So not only did Kobe not spend his first day of retirement relaxing, he didn’t even let himself sleep in! Even in retirement, the unparalleled work ethic that Kobe was known for throughout his career is still on display. Look for Kobe to take the business world by storm very soon.

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