Manziel Trashed Hollywood Home, Cocaine and Mushrooms Found


What the hell is going on with Johnny Manziel right now? Ok, initially I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. The guy likes to party, so what…

But the more I see Johnny Football in the news, the more it’s becoming apparent that this guy can’t control himself. His latest escapade just proves my point.

According to various sources, Manziel rented a West Hollywood home for two days and threw (what appears to be) an insane rager. In fact, apparently Johnny Football was partying so hard, his neighbors (including comedian Kathy Griffin) had to call the cops because of the noise.

Not only that, but according to the property owner when he came to investigate, Manziel was passed out on the couch with cocaine and mushroom all over the tables. In addition he found broken glass everywhere as well as severe damage to the house.

All in all, the damages were worth around $32,000.

It might be time for Manziel to cut it out and get his act together. Something tells me there’s a good chance he may never play in the NFL ever again.

What do you think?