New Video From Minutes Before Will Smith’s Death Emerges


Some major new details have just come out about the Saturday night incident that left former Saints player Will Smith dead.

Surveillance video obtained by ABC’s Good Morning America seems to show what happened in the moments just before Smith was allegedly shot to death by Cardell Hayes. Smith’s silver Mercedes SUV can be seen following Hayes’ red Hummer for several blocks before Hayes stopped suddenly in the middle of the road.

The sudden stop seemed to cause Smith to rear-end Hayes’ Hummer, though it is difficult to tell how much, if any, contact occurred between the two vehicles. Shortly after the incident, Hayes pulled to the side of the road, apparently expecting Smith to do the same. Instead, Smith swerved around Hayes and sped away from the scene, with Hayes following in close pursuit.

Another crash reportedly happened two blocks away, which is where the deadly shooting took place.

Though this new video does seem to indicate that Smith was involved in a hit-and-run incident before the deadly altercation, in no way should it help Hayes’ murder defense. What happened before the shooting is irrelevant as far as the murder charges go. Prosecutors will likely argue that this incident had no bearing on whether Hayes was acting in self defense at the time of the shooting.

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