Scottie Pippen: ’95-’96 Bulls Would Roll Over Warriors


As the NBA regular season winds to a close, the Golden State Warriors are pushing hard to break the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins. The Warriors are sitting at 68-8, meaning they’ll need to finish 5-1 to get to 73 wins.

Naturally, there have been plenty of people quick to compare this Warriors team to the ’95-’96 Bulls. We’ll never really be able to know what would happen if the two teams squared off, but it’s fun to speculate.

Even more fun is to hear the opinions of the players themselves. On Saturday, Bulls legend Scottie Pippin weighed in on the great debate. Sure he’s a little biased, but Pippin didn’t have a doubt in his mind when Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show asked him which team would win a seven game series.

“Bulls in four,” Pippen confidently answered.

Pabst then went on to ask Pippen how he and Jordan would go about guarding the Splash Brothers, Clay Thompson and Steph Curry. Pippen made no bones about it; he would take on the challenge of guarding NBA MVP Curry.

What do you think? Is Scottie Pippen right? Or would the Warriors put up a good fight?

What do you think?