Stan Van Gundy Wants to Move the All-Star Game Away from Charlotte


When exactly did we as a society become so entranced with the idea of mixing politics and sport? Well, it looks like Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy has been bitten by the political bug because now he wants the NBA to move the All-Star game, which has already been scheduled, out of Charlotte, due to North Carolina’s new law which says that transgenders have to go to the public restroom that coincides with the gender on their birth certificate. In other words, if you were born a man, you have to go to a male restroom.

Some, such as Bruce Springsteen, have found that to be discriminatory. While Bruce has already pulled his Charlotte concert due to the new law, Stan Van Gundy wants the NBA to follow suit for the same reason…

“That game should be moved if they don’t change the law. I’m really proud of, like, Bruce Springsteen moved his concert, I think that’s outstanding. Look, we’re in 2016, and the idea that for any reason you can conjure up, you think you have the right to discriminate against people, I just think it’s against everything that we should stand for.

I understand logistically it would be a major problem but so what? Sometimes standing up for things that are right makes things tougher. I don’t think the game should be there if they’re not going to change that law.” said Van Gundy in an interview with MLive.

Can somebody please explain to me what exactly basketball has to do with people using bathrooms? It can’t just be me that thinks this whole thing is ludacris, right?

What do you think?