Curry Puts On A Show Before Game 1 Vs. OKC


The Golden State Warriors face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night for game one of the Western Conference Finals. With Stephen Curry seemingly close to 100% after suffering an injury early in the playoffs and OKC stars Durant and Westbrook firing on all cylinders, the series promises to be a good one.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m pretty sure nothing Curry will do in game one could possibly top what he managed in pre-game warm-ups. He casually drained FIVE half court shots in a row, the crowd getting louder after each successive bomb.

The most impressive part? He new exactly when to walk away. If that were me I would have been firing away until I missed a few in a row.

Let’s hope this is just a small sample of the brilliance we’ll see from both the Warriors and the Thunder during this big series.

What do you think?