Extremely Dirty Play Gets Player Kicked Off Team


Diving in soccer is an undeniable epidemic. Nothing gets the soccer bashers going more than when a fully-grown man writhes around on the ground after his shirt was brushed by a strong gust of wind. This is definitely not one of those cases. On Saturday night the Pittsburgh Riverhounds were taking on New York Red Bulls II in a USL match when one of the dirtiest soccer plays in recent memory transpired.

Late in the second half, Pittsburgh’s Romeo Parkes and New York’s Ouimette got tangled in a dispute that ended in ugly fashion:

Parkes’ kick to Ouimette’s back was so brutal that Oiumette was taken off the field on a stretcher and sent to a local hospital. He reportedly did not sustain any major injuries in the incident.

If Parkes didn’t realize what an idiotic mistake he’d made seconds after launching the kick, it certainly didn’t take much longer before he got a reality check. The USL released a statement not long after the game saying Parkes was suspended.

Then on Sunday the Riverhounds went one step further and kicked Parkes, the club’s leading scorer, off the team completely.

Team owner Tuffy Shallenberger said in a statement:

“I want to apologize to the fans and the Red Bulls II organization, as well as Karl Ouimette, for what transpired at the game last night. Romeo‚Äôs actions are not representative of what our organization and its Academy stands for in regards to helping promote and grow this sport in not only the Greater Allegheny area, but also nationwide.”

What do you think?