Laremy Tunsil Smoking out of Gas Mask Video Cost Him Millions


The important rounds of the NFL draft just wrapped up, and there’s one story everyone is talking about.

Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was projected to be top 5 pick just a couple weeks ago.  All that changed with one video.  Earlier this week, a video was posted on Tunsil’s Twitter that featured him smoking out of a gas mask.  Tunsil claimed that his social media accounts were compromised, saying,

“Man, it was a mistake. It happened years ago.  Someone had my Twitter account and that’s how it got on there.”

Teams didn’t think it was just a “mistake”.  Tunsil fell all the way to the Miami Dolphins at pick number 13, costing him millions of dollars in contract money.

Below is the video that cost Tunsil a literal fortune.

Worse yet for Tunsil (and Ole Miss fans), Laremy confirmed that he took money from Ole Miss coaches (a big no-no).  We could be in for some serious punishments for both Tunsil and Ole Miss.

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