How the Thunder Can Win Game Two


Game one of the Western Conference Finals was a game. Warriors missing a billion shots early and the Thunder not taking advantage. Then the Warriors go up 13 at the half and it’s looking like the Thunder are in for a beat down. Westbrook goes on a rampage and cuts the lead to two, and then Steph does Steph things and just like that the Warriors go back up 12. But holy shit, Westbrook is on monster and the Thunder cut the lead to three going into the 4th. We all watched the game so I’m gonna stop rambling. Here’s how the Thunder win game two.

  1. Durant doesn’t miss a trillion shots in a row towards the end of the game. I mean, how can one of the greatest shooters of all-time go on such a cold streak? It can’t happen again…right? Please don’t happen again.
  2. Adams and Kanter continue to dominate the boards. Other than Westbrook playing like a man on a mission, Adams and Kanter out-rebounding the Warriors in the second half led to the Thunder winning game one.
  3. Durant and Westbrook can’t go 17-51. You read that right. The Thunder won the game with Durant and Westbrook going 17-51. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.
  4. More missed traveling calls at the end of the game. I don’t care if Westbrook traveled. Give me more of those missed calls.
  5. My motto for this series: EAT CLOCK AND SCORE.

I will be live tweeting game two on the Twitter. So follow me for some honest commentary.


P.S. Has anyone checked on if the Raptors are still alive?

What do you think?