Weatherman Gets Shocked During Live Broadcast


Bryan Hughes of West Virginia’s WOWK 13 News got quite a surprise during a live weather broadcast. Hughes was startled when a giant spider appeared on a weather camera feed.

Hughes’ reaction is what makes this video such an instant classic. Dropping “geez Louise” was a smooth enough, but then he decided to go for “Man-sakes alive,” which is one that I have never heard.

You can even see the pained look in Hughes’ eyes when what has happened starts to sink in. Bryan has already realized that his little moment of arachnophobia is about to go so viral on the internet that he’ll forever be known as either “Spider Guy” or “Man-sakes.” “Ohhhh man-sakes alive… We gotta get out there and kill those things,” Hughes says as the video ends.

Good idea Bryan, but you can bet no one’s going to be sending you to do the job after that display.

What do you think?