71-Year-Old Man Has A Hidden Surprise For Armed Robbers


The recent tragedy that left 49 Orlando club-goers dead has ignited ferocious debate about the role of guns in America. Not only are politicians at each other’s throats over the issue, but so are many citizens. If you’re anything like me, your Facebook feed has been filled with friends passionately arguing both sides of the gun control debate. It can be annoying, but there’s no doubt it is an extremely important conversation.

This contentious gun control climate is what has caused a video from 2012 to go viral. The video shows two armed robbers storming a busy internet café in Florida. As the thugs yell and threaten the occupants, an elderly man can be seen at the top of the screen grabbing his gun and stealthily advancing on the assailants. The man then opens fire and completely startles the gunmen. They go sprinting out of the building, and just like that an extremely dangerous situation has been diffused.

The video has become so popular this week because it is a powerful real life illustration of how armed good guys can thwart armed bad guys. Critics will say there are many differences between this situation and what happened in Orlando, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, etc. and they aren’t wrong. While this was a different situation, it doesn’t negate the fact that one elderly armed bystander managed to completely foil two armed young men intent on doing bad.

Imagine if this 71-year-old man wasn’t the only customer in the café who was packing heat. If there were a couple of other people who whipped out guns the second these punks entered, things would have gone even worse for them. And imagine if more responsible citizens around the country started concealed carrying. Evil-doers would start to realize the world was no longer safe for them, because they weren’t the only ones with guns anymore.

What do you think?