Alligator Caught On Video At Splash Mountain


When two-year-old Lane Graves was killed at Disney after being pulled into a lagoon by an alligator, it set off a media frenzy around the lack of warning signage and other negligent actions at the park. Now, a video has emerged that makes the situation look even worse for Disney.

According to Daily Mail, the video took place at the Splash Mountain ride.

The video is apparently from 2009, but that by no means makes it irrelevant. It’s definitive proof that Disney was well aware it had a gator problem as early as 2009. And judging by this video, it wasn’t a problem Disney took very seriously. If keeping a ride in operation while an employee poked an alligator just feet away with the handle of a pool cleaner was Disney’s idea of safety, I’m surprised it took so long for an incident like what happened to Lane Graves to occur.

Disney has already closed beaches and put up alligator warning signs, but I have a feeling they will end up paying a much larger price for years of safety negligence.

What do you think?