American Flag Thief Gets Instant Karma


There are few things out there that I can think of that would be more despicable to steal than an American flag. You clearly aren’t doing it because the flag has some sort of monetary value. The only reason I can think of that someone would swipe the Stars and Stripes is that they have something against America.

As mad as it makes me to see someone steal Old Glory, watching them get what they deserve puts a big smile on my face. Recently, a couple of clowns reportedly stole three flags from a neighborhood in Campbell California. We don’t know much about the situation, such as what their motivation was for stealing the flags. What we do know, however, is that right after this fool grabbed the flag, karma struck pretty much immediately.

Approximately two seconds after he grabs the flag, this crook falls over a fence and seems to suffer a serious injury to his leg. He lays on the ground for awhile before the his buddy helps him up and he hobbles off to continue his pathetic life.

What do you think?