Apparently Drunk Russian Driver Picks Fight With Wrong Dirt Bike Rider


I don’t know what’s going on over there in Russia, but it seems like 80% of the crazy videos I see on the internet originate from some Russian with a dash cam. Maybe this is all part of Putin’s secret plan to turn the Russian economy around one viral video at a time. Which could also explain Vlad’s fondness for Donald Trump.

Whatever the case may be, the latest viral video to come off the roads of Russia is definitely worth a watch.

I can’t say for sure that the driver of the car was drunk, but it sure looks like it. Why else would someone fly off the handle in such an extreme way? The dude didn’t even have the presence of mind to put his car in park before he got out and attacked a guy wearing plenty of protective gear.

The fact that we see the entire video from the point of view of the biker definitely adds to the epicness of the whole thing. It’s almost like playing Call of Duty except without AK-47s, which actually does seem a little weird considering it’s Russia.

What do you think?