ESPN’s Windhorst Gives Worrying Curry Update


One of the biggest story lines throughout the entire NBA postseason has been the health of Golden States’s Stephen Curry. For the majority of the postseason he has not looked like the player who just became the first to be unanimously voted NBA MVP. The Cav’s dominant Game 3 win may have been a low point for Curry. He managed 19 points, but looked a shell of his usual self when Cleveland cranked the intensity up to 11.

Friday’s Game 4 will arguably be the most pivotal game of the entire series. If the Warriors win, they take a commanding grip on the series as they head back home. If Cleveland wins, we’re all square at two and a wild best-of-three finish is set up in which anything can happen.

Just hours before the two teams were set to take the court on Friday, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst gave an update on Steph Curry that will be at least somewhat worrying to Warriors fans everywhere.

According to Windhorst, Golden State’s star point guard looked “terrible” at practice on Thursday. “I watched him shoot for about 25 minutes yesterday, and he looked terrible,” Windhorst said. “He was so frustrated at one point he went over and sort of stretched out a little bit,” he added. When Rachel Nichols asked what part of his body Curry was stretching, Windhorst said something even more worrying. “His bad knee and his leg,” Windhorst answered.

Windhorst was sure to clarify about his report: “I’m not making any predictions, I’m just telling you what I saw.”

For what it’s worth, Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady were on the panel as well, and both seemed to think Windhorst’s update could be a good sign for Curry. McGrady explained:

“When you have days where you’re not shooting the ball extremely well, it’s just something about your instincts and something about your mentality and focus shift to being able to just lock in and come out and have a great shooting night.”

What do you think?