Girl Catches Massive Catfish In Insane Way


19-year-old Hannah Barron loves to hunt and fish. Her Instagram account, which boasts over 8,000 followers, is filled with pictures and videos of things you just wouldn’t expect to see from a teenage girl. Picture after picture of fish she’s caught and deer she’s shot populate her page.

Hannah doesn’t fish like a normal person though. No, using a rod and a hook would just be too easy. Instead she uses a barehanded fishing technique called “noodling” to snag her catfish. Basically she shoves her entire forearm into the fish’s mouth and then uses both hands to pull it out of the water.

If that sounds intense to you, you’re right. Basically she has to overpower the fish, which are often quite large. A video she posted last week of a recent catch has gone viral on both Instagram and Facebook.

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Talk about impressive. It’s easy to see why this video is going crazy viral. If I was elbow-deep in a flailing catfish I don’t think I’d be laughing like Hannah, but that’s just me.

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