High Speed Chase Turns Chaotic When The Road Curves


There’s nothing like watching a good high-speed police chase. When the news cuts to a live chase, people flock to their televisions like the Super Bowl is on. There problem is that these chases are extremely dangerous for the driver, police, and innocent bystanders. This recent video out of Moxee, Washington is an extreme reminder of that.

According to LiveLeak, the suspect was hitting speeds of over 100 miles per hour in his attempt to evade the law. Apparently, this guy was either very unfamiliar with the roads or very under the influence, because he came upon a sharp curve at full speed and disaster struck. Seriously, I’m not sure if a NASCAR could have made that turn at that speed without flipping over.

Probably the best thing about this video is the way the police officer handled it. The guy driver survived but was clearly not in good shape, and the officer acted immediately to get him help.

What do you think?