Pool Bully Learns A Harsh Lesson In Summer Safety


Things have not been going well for the bullies of the world. Just last month a bully tried to take down an innocent looking kid, only to find out the hard way that he was an MMA star.

This time we’ve got some summertime bullying gone wrong. A really big kid thought he’d throw a much smaller one in the pool. Not only was it harder than the bully thought, but it ended up backfiring in an embarrassing way.

First of all, this bully is so much bigger than his victim it’s not even funny. He should have easily been able to pick him up, but for some reason he wasn’t.

Second, let’s hope this bully learned his lesson about messing around next to pools. This clash could have easily ended so much worse. Running around on wet concrete is a terrible idea, let alone fighting on it. The bully slipped and took a hard fall, but luckily no one hit their head.

Lastly, Why is what sounds like a full grown adult sitting by and filming two kids fighting while cheering them on? That guy should be embarrassed.

What do you think?