Tim Tebow Aids Dying Man On Airplane


This may just be the strangest story you read all week. It involves Tim Tebow, a man whose heart had apparently stopped beating, and an airplane. I’m just going to the man who witnessed it and made it known to the world tell the story:

Seems too good to be try, right? Like one of those stories that spreads around Facebook but turns to be bogus. But it seems that this story is actually 100 percent true. According to Jeffrey Cook of ABC news, both Delta Airlines and Tim Tebow’s representatives confirmed the incident as told by Richard V. Gotti.

This might not top his 2012 Hail Mary to beat the Steelers in the playoffs, but it’s got to be pretty high on the list of all-time improbable Tim Tebow accomplishments. NFL or not, the man is a legend.

What do you think?