Magic Trick Turns Horrific On Live TV


Magicians often involve spectators in their tricks, but usually it is in a completely safe and predictable way. It also isn’t usually on live TV. Those two conditions were just broken on Poland’s Question for Breakfast morning show, and it led to a terrifying moment of live television.

Host Marzena Rogalska was asked by the magician, a semi-finalist on Poland’s Got Talent, to hover her hand over one of the three paper bags on the table and then slam down hard. The bag was supposed to be empty but instead contained a large nail that impaled Rogalska’s hand.

As the host shrieked, the magician looked like a deer in headlights. Clearly he was not prepared for the woman’s hand to become a shish kebab before his eyes. Eventually Rogalska was mercifully helped off-camera and taken to a local hospital where it was determined that her wound was superficial and she’d be just fine.

I don’t know who the judges are on Poland’s Got Talent, but I can’t imagine they’ll be too impressed by impaling a host on live TV.

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