The Most Awkward ‘America’s Got Talent’ Act Ever


Being a stand-up comedian is really hard. It’s not a matter of if you’re going to totally bomb onstage, but a matter of when. Even the most successful comedians in the business have had disastrous shows they try to forget. Unfortunately for Adam Grabowski, that probably isn’t going to make him feel much better right now.

Grabowski recently had one of those nightmare performances that make comedians want to change careers. The thing that makes his different than all the rest? It happened on an extremely popular national TV show. That’s right — his big fail took place on America’s Got Talent

Watch the video if you dare, but I’m warning you — you’ll probably never cringe harder in your life:

I can’t imagine what was going through Grabowski’s head when he picked this material. You’d think he would use a routine that had been tested many times and proven to get laughs, but he obviously didn’t. Seriously, those jokes wouldn’t have gotten laughs in a room of his mom, his dad, and Woody Woodpecker.

What do you think?