Biker Gets Instant Revenge After Car Cuts Him Off


A motorcyclist was cruising through South Windsor, Connecticut when something happened that made him really glad to have a helmet camera.

As two lanes were merging into one, a car sped up alongside him and refused to budge, even after space pretty much ran out. The motorcyclist yelled at the woman driver, but she seemed unfazed. Coincidentally, just seconds after this incident, the motorcyclist spotted a police officer. That’s when karma really struck for the woman driving the car.

According to the person who posted the video to Reddit, the driver was given two ticket; one for passing on the right and one for an unsafe lane change.

Now, is this biker being pretty annoying in this video? Yes. He seems like the type of person who rides around with his GoPro looking to start conflicts so he can post them on YouTube. However, The lady behind the wheel definitely deserved the tickets she reportedly got slapped with. You just can’t driving around totally oblivious to your surroundings or someone’s going to get hurt.

What do you think?