Robber’s Use Of A Shotgun Backfires


A masked robber burst into a 7-Eleven in Frederick, Maryland and pointed a shotgun at the clerk while apparently demanding money from him. The clerk, who had been busy helping two customers, reacted very differently than 99% of people would have.

Instead of complying with the thug’s demands, the brave (or insane?) cashier decided to call his bluff. He reached over the counter and grabbed the barrel of the assailant’s gun. After playing tug-of-war for a few seconds, the clerk managed to successfully wrest the gun away from the punk, who promptly scampered out of the store with his tail between his legs.

The would-be robber was caught by police the next day. 18-year-old Ryan J. Wages was charged with armed robbery and is now in jail.

Crime doesn’t pay, kid.

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