Robbery Suspect Ignores The Wrong Police Officer


With all of the horrific attacks on police in the few weeks, it’s understandable that officers would be more on edge than usual. That means when a suspected criminal is refusing to comply with police demands and continuing to move toward officers, things are not going to work out well for him.

Johnathan Zamudio, a suspected armed robber, learned this lesson the hard way. Police first ordered Zamudio to stay in his car after they stopped him. He refused, getting out and walking toward the group of officers. Officers repeatedly shouted at Zamudio to get on the ground, which he also ignored.

Eventually Zamudio was within feet of the officers and still moving forward. That’s when one officer decided it was time to act.

A perfect form tackle that Ray Lewis would be proud of!

Hopefully Zamudio learned his lesson about willfully defying police at a time like this. He could have easily avoided getting lit up like a skinny Freshman running back if he’s just used a little common sense.

Hey Cleveland Browns, did you see the boom this officer lowered? It couldn’t hurt to give him a call, I know you could use some help on defense…

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